Ah, MCU my old friend, here we are again. Long-time companions are we, now and for years to come. 2011’s Thor was the first glimpse that we got of Chris Hemsworth’s golden-maned Asgardian god, brought to the big screen by the hand of the legendary Sir Kenneth Branagh. The fourth entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe […]

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2018 State of the Union

So, I thought today, “Why not do a drinking game to the Cheeto-in-Chief’s first State of the Union? How bad could it be?” Oh boy, was I wrong. Sweet baby jeebus, was I wrong. I won’t get into the details and the politics (like you couldn’t tell what mine are already), but let’s just say, […]

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Alien Resurrection

Been a while since I’ve taken a crack at this. Not exactly the post to come back to. 1997’s Alien Resurrection, the first of many completely unnecessary entries into the Alien saga. Set two centuries after the death of Ellen Ripley in Alien 3, Resurrection brings back the legendary heroine as a clone, although not an exact copy. As you may […]

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Air Force One

I am so unbelievably pissed right now. I spent a good hour or so writing today’s post about 1997’s Air Force One, during which I briefly lost my Internet connection. No big deal, right? I kept on writing and my laptop eventually reconnected. I naturally assumed that all of my work was being automatically saved by […]

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After the release of Rambo III in 1988, the expected fourth entry fell into development hell, with the rights changing hands a few times before the wheels finally began turning in the early 2000s. Stallone would return as the titular war veteran and also direct that fourth entry, 2008’s Rambo. Stallone was given a relatively small budget, […]

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Most people will point to The Godfather or GoodFellas as the greatest gangster films ever made. While those movies are fantastic (and will appear on this blog at some point), I prefer 1995’s Casino over either of them. I know that I’m in a very small minority in that opinion (I may, in fact, be the only one), […]

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